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For the watch aficionados in the audience, Welcome to my blog ‘Watch like a Hawk’ — a passionate watch collector’s everyday resource about the latest trends as well as the fob to amass, factual and quirky details about watches.

This blog is not just about reviewing watches but a lot more to do with entertaining and amusing you all, something new about them with each blog. So what brings me here is my ardent passion for watches as most of you who are reading this. My eye for details has always worked well with watches and knowing its nuances. Hence, I have keenly and closely studied it and understood its various attributes that are manifested by people’s behavior and various other factors.

“All clocks break, and what breaks them is Time.” — Marty Rubin

While watches were invented to tell time, lately it has evolved to be more than just a timepiece. Today it defines etiquette, our mannerisms, social status, and everything glamorous. It is more than just a ‘Watch’. In my blogs I shall be tending to those who love watches for the technicalities of it as well as for those who would expand their style quotient with the right watches. While I give you further information about the type of watches to match different occasions and your lifestyle, I would like to shed some light and will inform you about certain brands which have been making waves in the horology industries and are equally crafted well with precision as the big brands but make it is easy entry to the hobby of watch collecting.

It has been for many years now that I have passionately collected and bought watches. While I have been exploring through each and every needle of the time-teller machine, I have come across interesting eye-catching details and every watch to me tells tales of a kind. So I am really glad and excited to have started a blog page through which I can revive my hobby and share some interesting quirky ideas and facts with you all. This is exactly what my collection of watches reflect. It is all about my fondness for niches in the watch than brands and luxury titles.

A fun fact : Do you know why mostly in all adverts about watches, the watch hands always show the position at 10:10?

🕰 🕰 This is done as a result of marketing strategies because at that particular time the needles of the watch are pointed in a direction that they don’t overlap each other and there is an aesthetic symmetry to it. It helps to show the brand’s symbol as well as the date symbol clearly. Next time you watch an Ad for a watch, try noticing this.

Looking forward to giving you many more such insights and exciting you all with interesting watches, brands, prices, fun facts and more.

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